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Nourished Within

Hello, talented designers! Thank you for your interest in my project request! My inspired work is in Functional Nutrition -- the first "prescription" in the Functional Medicine model. My signature offering is a Metabolic Reset & Lifestyle Redesign programme. My programme tagline is "Reset.Reshape.Renew." My Functional Nutrition tagline is "cultivating vibrant health from the ground up!" Audience is 40s/50s/60s women (and men) who are asking for more energy, balanced hormones, improved sleep, weight release, sharper mind, uplifted mood, more flexibility and strength - overall improvement in health and wellbeing; and their families looking for healthy fuel to grow their children. The words I am creating from include: grounded, strength, warmth, shape, feminine, connection, community, supportive structure, intention, heart-centred, breath, mind-body, here-and-now, eating the colours of the rainbow... The images I've been playing with include a tree with outstretched crown of leaves (grounded, strength), shapely trunk, bold yet soft leaves; a circle (connection, community). The approach of my work is holistic/whole-body with traditional foods (soil through food chain up to humans and back to soil); food is your best medicine; nutrition and physical regeneration. Looking for welcoming, warm colour variations of the primary colours, with flexibility to add an accent colour or two. This is my canva attempt at creating something... To begin with I am in need of a colour logo sizeable from favicon to full-page; in three styles: a transparent background, and a black/dark image, and a white/light image. It will be used in print and online; I am working on my website presently. I will look for a square/circle-shaped logo as well as a banner style design. Thank you! ~Miss Michelle in Canada (*trained via IFM - Institute for Functional Medicine, for context in case it's helpful).


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