Our team of professional makes us unique in the software industry. Moreover, we do not compromise over quality and customer satisfaction, therefore, most of the marketing is done through word of mouth.
We have an efficient and professional team of designer who tries to complete their task as early as possible. As your project approved we assign you the best designer then the maximum in three days he provides your initial concept.
Yes we do. As already mentioned, client satisfaction is our prime responsibility so we try hard to meet the standards of our clients.
Once all the payment formalities have been completed and we receive all remaining payments then copyrights will be transferred to you. After that, it’s in your ownership.
Yes definitely we can add just brief us with the idea and the text which you want to include in your log.
We use Adobe Illustrator for logo design because it is considered as one of the most prestigious software. But our team is professional so they are expert in other software as well like Flash and coral draw. Therefore it’s your choice which tool you want.