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Vladimir Remedial Massage

Contest Price: $99

Winner: Alex

Win Logo


Contest Price: $99

Winner: Alex

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contest prize starting at just $99, more than 20,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs have used our amazing logo design service.

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Questions we frequently get

What will I get with my logo design?

You will get a customized logo design and along with it you will get ready-to-use industry standard files for both online & print use.

Do I need to prepare something for my logo design?

Ideas! Most probably you would have an idea as to how the logo of your company should look like. In case you need inspiration, you can visit our graphic design inspiration page . The more you explain about your logo design need, the better the designer can make it for you.

Can I get more than one logo design?

Yes, Start a new contest.

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Over 10,000 professional designers at 99, you get maximum entries with 100% original designs.

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Client is eligible for and can request a full refund of its Project Budget See Refund Policy

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All designers are qualified and professionals on our platform undergo qualification testing.

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