Family Pet Sitters - Logo Design

By Leslie Kubancik

Logo Design, Animal & Pet

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We sell an emotion not a product. Having a logo to caputure an emotion is diffcult to say the least but we sell piece of mind, and comfort.

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Comments (1)

  1. leslie  630 days ago

    I would possibly like the I to be dotted with a pawprint. I only need a cat/dog in my design. I like some of the examples having an outline of the home/heart/pawprint/cat/dog, .

    1. umair  630 days ago

      ok will do changes if you want in any one of my logos

      1. umair  623 days ago

        send me the details and i will do that for you

      2. umair  623 days ago

        yeah sure i will

      3. leslie  624 days ago

        I do want to choose one of yours but need it modified. Is it to late?