Nourished Within - Logo Design

By Michelle Malmberg

Logo Design, Other

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Hello, talented designers! Thank you for your interest in my project request!

My inspired work is in Functional Nutrition -- the first "prescription" in the Functional Medicine model. My signature offering is a Metabolic Reset & Lifestyle Redesign programme.
My programme tagline is "Reset.Reshape.Renew."
My Functional Nutrition tagline is "cultivating vibrant health from the ground up!"

Audience is 40s/50s/60s women (and men) who are asking for more energy, balanced hormones, improved sleep, weight release, sharper mind, uplifted mood, more flexibility and strength - overall improvement in health and wellbeing; and their families looking for healthy fuel to grow their children.

The words I am creating from include: grounded, strength, warmth, shape, feminine, connection, community, supportive structure, intention, heart-centred, breath, mind-body, here-and-now, eating the colours of the rainbow...

The images I've been playing with include a tree with outstretched crown of leaves (grounded, strength), shapely trunk, bold yet soft leaves; a circle (connection, community).

The approach of my work is holistic/whole-body with traditional foods (soil through food chain up to humans and back to soil); food is your best medicine; nutrition and physical regeneration.

Looking for welcoming, warm colour variations of the primary colours, with flexibility to add an accent colour or two.

This is my canva attempt at creating something...

To begin with I am in need of a colour logo sizeable from favicon to full-page;
in three styles: a transparent background, and a black/dark image, and a white/light image.
It will be used in print and online; I am working on my website presently.
I will look for a square/circle-shaped logo as well as a banner style design.

Thank you!
~Miss Michelle in Canada

(*trained via IFM - Institute for Functional Medicine, for context in case it's helpful).

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Comments (3)

  1. ahsanzero  435 days ago

    Dear contest holder
    I can see #6 and #27 copied design from Google I have provided a link to prove it. Please take a look. Hope 99Logdesing support team takes action on this matter very soon because copying is wrong which makes us suffer. The damage is being done.

    Design copied from here:

    1. michelle  434 days ago

      I have reported this lack of integrity to 99logodesign.
      It is understood the logo would be an original work of art.
      No longer can I trust any work from this 'graphic designer.'

      1. michelle  434 days ago

        This is very disappointing and shameful.

        Thank you, ahsanzero.

      2. michelle  435 days ago

        Hello, talented designers! Viewing your creations is really exciting!

        Feedback -- I do hope everyone can view this discussion:

        The designs catching my eye and I shortlisted are those with interesting elements such as --
        the gentle feminine branches and font with an element of strength;
        the deeper, rich earthy colours and rainbow food colours;
        the suggestion of fluidity in the trunk/leaves;
        the asymmetry;
        the "I AM" affirmation words in small size bold caps font.

        #1 & 7 - yes, the brain as the crown of the tree (I have a neurology background);
        *please rotate the brain shape clockwise to lift up the 'frontal lobe' and set the occipital lobe/brain stem into the 'trunk'.
        *please shift the "I AM" words to the left in small font (a quiet affirmation statement) atop the "Nourished Within" in a softer, feminine font. Thank you!

        #5 - yes, the logo, along with the rectangular banner option;
        *this is a great sporty look yet my eye is wanting a softer edge and colour.

        #4 - yes, the asymmetry in the trunk and leaves, the suggestion of movement/flow (my first career was in ballroom dance and this Reset program will include movement)
        *please soften the colours to a warmer palette. Are there other colour combinations you envision? Or a gradient of the 'rainbow food colours' yet NOT anything like the LGBQ+ type of rainbow imagery!

        #6 - yes, the gentle shape of ground, the 'family' tree trunk, the three colours, the burst of large leaves above each 'head';
        *please add the "I AM" affirmation words set on the left margin atop the first letter of "Nourished" -- and fix the 'Reshape' spelling.
        *could the 'arms/branches' have a gentler, feminine line to them?

        #8 - yes, with a softer suggestion of roots (as in #7)
        *please, with the small, bold type "I AM" affirmation words atop a feminine font for "Nourished Within";

        #9 - yes, the fluidity of the trunk lines, the Shiva-like quality of the image (I have travelled to and am influenced by the Indian culture and lots of curry!), the circular border, the bold lettering works here. This presentation, as if on my door or wall, is excellent;
        *please, what colours are possible here? Warm food colours; a gradient of rainbow food colours with the darker line encircling the tree?

        #10 - the yellow 'sunshine' with the text,
        *please, what colours are possible here? Warm food colours; a gradient of rainbow food colours with a slim, darker outline on the arch?
        *softer, feminine arms reaching into the leaves;
        *the affirmation words "I AM" above the "N" in a small bold font and a feminine script for "Nourished Within";

        #11 - yes, the sturdy trunk, the rainbow of food colours.
        *please, a little softer, gentler feminine flow to the font amid the heavy line of 'ground'
        *how would I use this tree on its own as a favicon?

        #14 - yes, the asymmetry of the trunk bottom, the feminine swirl of branches and delicate leaves, the reddish-brown colour of the trunk, the suggestion of the earth surrounding the trunk, the soft edges of the Nourished Within font.
        *please, fuller leaf crown as with #13 and #15;
        *colours... deep red/brown, shades of green? (so it looks less like Christmas); how to soften the Reset.Reshape.Renew words?

        #17 - yes, the cursive font for the "Nourished Within"

        #21 - yes, a classic presentation and structured container;
        *please shape the three R words to fit the arc of the circle;
        *please insert the "I AM" affirmation words in place of the middle two dots preceding "Nourished Within";
        *please soften the brown roots with a gradient (or similar) and soften the veins of the tree trunk for less contrast.

        This process is my first 99 contest and very inspiring!
        My thanks to each of you who have shared your vision for my own inspired work.

        My simple one-page website is in development and the logo will take on the shapes of square, rectangular banner, and these other formats:

        Meta image - 1200 x 627
        Logo - 250 x 50
        Header image - 1680 x 780
        Trusted sources - 1100 x 290
        About us - 485 x 525
        How we help x 3 - 350 x 200
        Lead magnet - 660 x 440
        Circular images - 500 x 500

        1. umair  436 days ago

          hi Michelle hope your fine do you have any website

          1. michelle  435 days ago

            The website is in development, Umair.
            I put more information in the reply above!
            What are you thinking about regarding the website?