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By Kathleen Acton

Logo Design, Food & Drink

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Madame Cabra S.L.
The company is a Roastery with its own Café
Roasts excellent and funky „high end“ specialty coffee with and without caffeine.
Madame Cabra is sympatic, elegant, sexy, slightly arrogant like a French Madame
She slightly smiles without an open mouth, her lips are thin and red, she wears a French ladies hat and small coffee cherry earrings which are red
The logo should be clean, minimalistic, just using one or two continuous lines to complete her
The Name Madame Cabra S.L. using the Didot Font from Giambattista Bodoni or a French like Font as in Vogue.
There is a company in Denmark “La Cabra” – the logo should be different..
We have made a sketch to give you some ideas – please ignore the Roastery and Bakery text

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Comments (1)

  1. kathleen  340 days ago

    Sorry, I was not clear enough for some!
    Madame Cabra is a goat!
    "Cabra" is spanish for goat.
    We were wanting a goat as our logo, mostly her face, just like a french Madame,and wearing a hat