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By Trenton Brisco

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Fractured Turnstile is the name of a pilot for a tv series much like Yellowstone. It’s a tv series about a foster home and all that goes wrong in the system. It’s a broken revolving door so it’s called fractured turnstile. Guys extra note this is a pilot to a TV series. The logo will be in the opening credits. This is a TV series about a broken system of foster care kids who are broken there’s a lot of death and bad things that happened to these kids the colors don’t really mean much, but maybe a gold or a bronze or a copper watch the opening credits to Yellowstone and how it pops in the place I need you to think about that when you’re doing this thank you.

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  1. Designer001  269 days ago

    do you have any website ? beacuse i want to see the colours and font which are used in the website

    1. suzon ali  251 days ago