The Stone Bowl - Logo Design

By Matt Matheson

Logo Design, Food & Drink

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A classy, modern Vietnamese restaurant and bar, with nutritious, delicious and high-quality Vietnamese hot stone bowl Pho as our speciality. The branding/logo is to reflect the sophisticated but chilled-out vibe of the restaurant, minimalist but inviting.

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Comments (5)

  1. matt  128 days ago

    Thank-you for the logos submitted so far. I have short-listed two designs at this stage, as representative of design ideas I like. Please note the short-listed logos are not yet what I'm looking for exactly, and I would like to see other, different designs. However both of these short-listed logos do contain design elements I like. Again, please no overt chop-sticks, forks/knives or large steam depictions. The colour "Green" is specifically excluded. No 'cartoony' or take-away shop style casual logos please.

    I am looking for something that is striking, distinctive, simple but elegant. Something that will be recognised in advertising.

    1. matt  129 days ago

      No chopsticks or steam depictions either please.

      1. matt  129 days ago

        Please also remember that our restaurant will be a 'fine dining' experience, not a food-court or takeaway establishment, and the logo needs to reflect that sophisticated, classy feel.

        1. matt  129 days ago

          Thank-you everyone for your submissions. The "TSB" acronym inside the shape of the bowl was just an idea, I've seen multiple versions and it's not striking me as I hoped it would. Please feel free to think outside of the box, your logo submissions don't have to be amended versions of the AI generated logo I uploaded as an example of something I quite liked. Neither is the red/ochre colour something I'm set on. I will reply to the logo submissions independently and separately.

          1. matt  130 days ago

            The logo file attached is an AI-generated logo, one example of a style I quite like. An idea might be to replace the current 'bird-face' design on the side of the bowl depiction with stylised initials/acronym "TSB" or "Pho", but this is only an idea.