Elegance Limousines LLC - Logo Design

By Demetrio Lee

Logo Design, Transportation

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Elegance Limousine’s LLC is the name of the company. It’s a limo transportation business. I want the colors to be classy but pop and stand out. I will send you a picture of a rough draft drawing of the word, I’m looking at replacing the L with a champagne flute filled with champagne that’s got bubbles in the glassI’ll send a picture. Also underneath looking to replace the flowers with a single stem rose. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

So I have attached a sample of what I am thinking I don’t want the L and G to connect and I don’t like this rose. I don’t want the champagne glass in the middle.
I am also looking for any ideas that may look amazing

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    Sample Logo
    Sample Logo

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  1. Alex  1005 days ago

    Hello sir, please upload picture of a rough draft drawing.