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By Jodi B Franklin

Logo Design, Cosmetics & Beauty

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My service will allow people to achieve the look of a top-notch facelift without any surgical interventions. It is a natural solution using nutrition, supplements and non-toxic skin care.
My colors include these choices: #787878, #496D88, #217968, #D5D5D5, #000000, #92BCB4, #A2B5C2, #808080
I want the font classy, but easy to read. The layout should be horizontal as I demonstrated in my examples. I thought a sketch of a face would look good and even possibly use the "S" to show the curve of the face.

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    Sample Logo
    Sample Logo

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Comments (1)

  1. jodi  934 days ago

    Impressive submissions so far! I'm thinking I want a rectangular shape like the examples I gave. Not a photo on top, but on the left, middle or right side. Please use these colors: : #787878, #496D88, #217968, #D5D5D5, #000000, #92BCB4, #A2B5C2, #808080
    I want it easy to read from far away so if I shrink the logo on my website, it will be clear and legible. This program will cost $1000-2000 so it's higher end. Thanks!

    1. pingku  934 days ago

      Thank you for your valuable info . Please check my all entry . I hope you like my entry . I will provide you all the files are high quality and also provide all the source files. I will provide you unlimited revision after award me . Im waiting for your response . Thank you