Elevation Investment Group, LLC - Logo Design

By Janel Green

Logo Design, Business & Consulting

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We provide consulting to businesses that we like to say takes the business to new heights. Services include finance project management, tax consulting, CFO for hire, helping businesses hire finance/accounting department employees, preparing businesses for the sales process, due diligence for buying/selling businesses, etc.

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Comments (4)

  1. ehtisham  1091 days ago

    I have Submitted my designs. Your Feedback will be highly appreciated.

    1. janel  1093 days ago

      Also, please include the LLC. We don’t necessarily need a tag line in the logo.



      1. liam  1092 days ago

        Hi Janel, I have submitted my entries please check and share your comments. I am available for any kind of revisions.


        1. liam  1091 days ago

          Hi Janel, Thanks for your comments. I have submitted the updated design please check and share your comments.

        2. janel  1092 days ago

          Hi Liam%u2014I like what you sent over so far. There is one design you did (its #7 for entries overall, it is all in the blue-green/teal family of colors) . I was wondering if you can do the same design but use all caps for the company name. If you can, that would be great! Thanks!

    2. janel  1093 days ago

      Hi Liam—we just started up, so we don’t have a logo yet. What I would envision is something involving a mountain (we are based in a mountainous area) with one of the color schemes I chose. Hopefully that helps; I am more on the analytical versus artistic side.


      1. liam  1093 days ago

        Can you share some examples of logo, it will help me to get more ideas.

        1. liam  1093 days ago

          and do you want full name "Elevation Investment Group, LLC" with LLC? and do you need any tagline in logo?