Salt Lake Shred - Logo Design

By Joel Dehlin

Logo Design, Sport

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We are a professional Ultimate Frisbee team. Ultimate Frisbee is a high flying, very athletic, but very intelligent sport. We are looking for a logo which says:
Smart, Athletic, Win, and Not typical

The logo does not have to include the words Salt Lake. And it doesn't even necessarily have to include the word Shred. But it could.

You can see examples of the other teams logos here:

We want to be the best of all of these logos. We want to stand out from these logos.

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Comments (2)

  1. joel  975 days ago

    These video might be even better for understanding the sport:


    1. ibtihaj  962 days ago

      Any update?

      1. joel  975 days ago

        THIS video, not THESE video. :-)

      2. joel  975 days ago

        Here is a video, showing a little more about this sport: