Two Wheels Down - Logo & Brand Identity Pack

By Brandon D Howard

Logo & Brand Identity Pack, Retail

Prize: $249.00



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I am starting a niche market and brand geared toward Motorcyclist of all brands and companies, trying to bring us together through mutual respect and Two Wheels Down has meaning for most that ride to mean " be safe brother/sister" "get home safe" "I see you and hope others do". Starting with T-shirts, coozies, beanies, jackets and eventually I to gear for motorcycles, non profit org, and then into a bar franchise. The color options are pretty limited I want colors that will appeal to both all sexes and of color specific for road design.

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Logo + Business Card + Letterhead & Envelope + T-Shirt + Car/Truck Wrap + Facebook Cover + Twitter Cover + Linkedin Cover


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Letterhead & Envelope:

T-Shirt Front:

T-Shirt Back:

Car/Truck Wrap:

Facebook Cover:

Twitter Cover:

Linkedin Cover:

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Comments (1)

  1. brandon  605 days ago

    Update, lots of great ones but not really capturing for me yet that feel of freedom. The LS ⬇️ needs to look like a road still represents the curves of a road when riding. Some have gone way to professional with it and so e may work down the road when I have established a name and brand.