Never Walk Alone Safety App - Logo Design

By Pamela Joy Garber

Logo Design, Security

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The app menu includes walking companionship, coordinated like a ride share, professional security on foot or other, safety trainings, safety assessments for home, work, commute, companionship for appointments, errands, fitness, and travel.
The structure of its vetted customer base is largely organizations, including corporations, schools, places of worship, gyms, condos, apartments, co-ops. Customer user can decide to use their Never Walk Alone subscription in a targeted capacity, like an intranet where users within the organization can have limited access among themselves, so faculty would only interact with faculty and students only with students. Also. The organization can limit the access of its users to only each other or the organization may decide to allow its users to access the users of other subscribing organizations and this access of other organizations can also be limited to specific menu items.

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