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By Bethany Hilbert

Logo Design, Political

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I am a teacher running for the St. Johns County School Board, District 5 Seat. I have 20 years experience as a teacher. I would like to incorporate a robot into the logo, if possible as part of my name, because I am the robotics coach for my school and it ties into my messaging "For the future of the students in St. Johns County". It is a political campaign, so I would like to use red, white, and blue as the colors, but would like to make it slightly different than the norm. If we could incorporate light blue, navy or slate blue, along with a darker red (brick or burgandy) to be slightly different from the typical partisan colors. It is a non-partisan seat and therefore needs to remain an equal balance of colors.

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Comments (2)

  1. bethany  43 days ago

    This file is an rar file. We are working in Adobe Illustrator to layout our ads. It won't let us open or edit an rar file

    1. bethany  45 days ago

      Please just use the face of a robot and make it kid friendly, smiling face. An alternative to the robot could be gears or gears and a lightbulb.