How good portfolio helps the designer to get more customers

September, 23 2021

If you are an owner of any well-known or famous company or business then, you should be aware that making a portfolio of your company or business is not an easy task. As it would contain all the key points and bright side of your company, on which your future customers will judge your company. Your company portfolio should be well defined, should have all the information of your company not in detail but should have a rough diagram of your company.


The portfolio is that thing, if an outsider wants to know about your company’s work, its progress, its project, or about their services then that person can know that just through your portfolio. Or if any candidate is looking for a job in our company, then that person can take decision just through your company’s portfolio.


The portfolio is a very delicate thing of the company, as your company's rough imagine depends on it. People will judge your company through it, people will give remarks to your company through it. That is why a portfolio should be well-defined, straightforward, clear-cut, transparent, understandable, creative, attractive, and intelligible. A portfolio is a window of any company, so if we want to attract customers so we have to display our good product, or we should put the bright side of our company on the showcase. 


As we know that a magnificent portfolio plays a vital role in a company’s good reputation and image. Here I would like to share some bullets points that why a good portfolio is essential for every company:


  • The window of a shop:

The designer portfolio works as a window of any business or company, from where people can sneak a peek at your company. That is why it’s a company’s responsibility to keep an understandable yet creative portfolio.


  • Work as a mirror:

If anyone wants a rough sketch of your company or business then the portfolio should be a source, the portfolio should have a front end as well back end details of your company.



  • What and why:

Our company’s portfolio should have all the basic information of your company, like what is the main motto of our company, when we establish it, what are the signs of progress we have made till yet, our future projects, why we have chosen this line for our business or company.


  • Grab viewer attention:

The portfolio should have pictures of the projects that you have done so far, also the pictures of the product that companies have been producing. A viewer likes to see the picture as compared to written content.


  • Determination and motivation:

Your determination towards your work should be visible in our portfolio, a customer or a candidate can easily see your potential just through your company’s portfolio. Your portfolio should be loud and clear regarding your work. And there should be some motivation stories and quotation in your portfolio that customers enjoy to read and get motivated through it.


  • Differ from others:

Show the bright side of your business or company, through a different angle that engages customers towards you. Try to differ your company from others just by making small or little impressive changes. Show that how your business or company is different from others and what are the changes that make you different from others. 


  • Show consistency: 

Be consistent with your work, for example, if your company works for clothes, then stick to it. Don’t get distracted by other things or don’t engage yourself in other products. Just show consistency towards your work, like what kind of fabric your company use or types of clothes, etc. 


  • Update your portfolio regularly:

Keep your portfolio updated from time to time. After each month update your portfolio not only by content but also do digital and animation changes. Just put revolution in your portfolio.


  • Make focal point your Specialty:

Highlight your specialty, keep your main focus on it. Your portfolio should have all the specialties for your company or business so that customers would know your specialty.


  • Put templates and themes:

To make your portfolio attractive which can easily grab customer’s attention, but some templates in it apart from it chose one theme color for your portfolio which look decent. Don’t use too much color it would look childish, use less color and soft yet bright  



  • The portfolio shows your personality:

Your portfolio should be decent, creative, and understandable to customers as it reflects your personality, your talent, your skills, and your business’s concepts.


  • Use basic marketing skills:

Put basic marking strategies in your portfolio which can work as helpful points for customers so that, their involvement and interest increase in your portfolio.


  • Don’t show all projects:

Have some patients, don’t show all of your projects at first go .keep some light hand on your portfolio regarding your work. Display some pictures of your projects, which automatically increases the curiosity of the customers.


  • Storytime:

Put some pictures of your work with the story behind it, the story should be entertaining yet informative. The story has that power that can attract customers to your work.


Long story short the portfolio should have all the basic and initial information about your company or business. The portfolio should be informative yet creative so that readers can enjoy it. Put some images and story behind it, which can entertain the customer. Put some tips related to the business or marketing. Show your talent and skills in your portfolio and keep it update also by time.