9 Famous Yoga Brands for Yoga Logo design Inspirations

October, 27 2021

Begin fit is a most important thing for every human, and for that they usually go to the gym, to exercise, do diet and even some prefer yoga as well. Although by the time, there will be hundreds of gyms or yoga centers. And in that situation, it will be hard for the audience to choose the right one. Besides this, it will also get hard for the gym or yoga centers to attract audiences by their ability and functionally. In these circumstances, it will be the yoga center’s responsibility to keep its yoga center update and have all the facilities. Most importantly yoga suits are also an essential part while doing, what type of fabric is suitable for doing yoga.

But the main and most important part is the name and the logo of the yoga center. Which usually people note at first. So it should be decent, creative, and meaningful. The logo of the yoga center should be unique and natural.

Here we will show you some most famous and decent logos of yoga brands, which we help you with.

1. Kiragrace:


The first yoga brand on our list Is Kiragrace, it is an American brand, its yoga suits are everyone’s first priority. If we look at the logo of the brand, it is very simple, meaning and creativity. The grey shape at the bottom represents a cress cross position, which is a basic part of yoga. Whereas the purple flower on it is representing a structure of a human.

2. Yogiiza:


Second, on our list is Yogiiza, their fabric is known as one of the most satisfying fabrics across the globe. If we look at the logo of the yoga brand, it is quite simple but hard also. The color theme of the whole logo is dark green, there is a woman standing on one foot with straight hands which shows that she is doing some kind of exercise. And even in the name of the brand, they have two crowns on the top of the ‘I’, which represents their worth.

3. Prana:


Prana is third on our list, it was founded in 1992.it is a combinational logo that has abstract and works mark in the logo. Its logo is quite interesting as it has a shape of a person sitting in a straight position while crossing the legs to one and another. it has a very basic black yet it looks ascetic.

4. Cozy orange:


Cozy orange was launched in 2013, by an American. Its logo is very engaging and fascinating.it is a pictorial logo, which has a human structure that is in the position of slight bend on one leg and both of that person's hands are making a circle with the help of fingers. The color of the figure is a very light shade of grey.

5. Carrot banana peach:



Carrot banana peach is an American company introduced in the early ’90s. They provide stylish, comfortable, and high-quality products. One of the well-known and popular yoga brands across the world. If we look at its logo it is an abstract logo, the logo has a rough and aesthetic vision of lap while sitting in a position with a cress cross.  It has only one color in the logo, which is brown. They have played nicely with such a different and difficult color in a perfect way.

6. Manduka:


Next on our list is Manduka, which was founded by Peter Stereos in 1998. He is a yoga teacher, author, and award-winning architect in San Luis Obispo, California, USA. They provide very comfortable yoga clothes which make your yoga comfier and easy. Manduka is a Sanskrit word, which means frog. Its logo is a combinational logo, of pictorial and wordmark. Although its logo is very unique and unusual, they have a frog in their logo which represents a yoga posture as well as its brand meaning. The base color of the logo is white and the name of the brand is written in black color in beautiful and impressive writing and on the left side, there is a frog in red color which speaks for the yoga brand.

7. Earth yoga:


It was founded by Evalie Horner, in Spain. Earth Yoga is a clothing brand as well as a center, where you can do yoga, dance, music, and theater. Both center and clothing brands are doing great in their respective area and domain. If we look at the logo of the brand, it’s very original, productive, artistic, and visionary. In the logo, they have used a color combination of green and brown. The logo is meaningful and descriptive enough to describe its brand. As you can see there is a human standing in a straight position on one leg while the hands are upwards touching each other side by side. This posture represents two things one is a person doing yoga and another thing is a tree, where the tree is representing the brand.

8. Liforme:


It is a British company founded by James Armitage in 2008. its logo is plain, smooth, and decent, the combination of the logo is pink and white containing the initial of the brand name in an oval. Simple yet elegant.

9. Phat Buddha:


Last on our list is Phat Buddha which was founded by Alissa Benishai. Both, the brand name and the logo are informative and creative. Phat means good and whereas Buddha is the ideal of religion. the logo is a doddle of Buddha, sitting in a straight position which also resembles the posture of yoga.


These are the most famous yoga brands with attractive, decent, and meaningful names and logos. they all are quite simple and creative which can easily grab customers’ attention.