5 Design Tips For Successful ppt Presentation

October, 15 2021

The PowerPoint was founded by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin in 1987. As PowerPoint is a subpart of Microsoft-office. Microsoft-office have many sub-parts like word, and excel, publisher document, PowerPoint, and many more. All subparts have a different use, but one thing is the guarantee that in this digital world there is not a single person. Who is independent of these above mention things. Everyone has used these things and more they are part of most people’s life.

Using these things is a very simple and effortless thing. But correctly using them is not everyone’s cup of coffee. Using them accurately and perfectly is kind of an achievement. If we specifically talk about PowerPoint (ppt), so it is used for making attractive and informative presentations. Power-point have many helping features and shortcuts. But all these features and shortcuts required some tactics and strategies.

Here we will tell you, so beneficial ideas for your presentations. If you want your presentations to be successful, then the following ideas will help you out.


Simple yet informative:

Just put basic information or main headings in bullet points. And narrate the whole idea while giving a presentation in front of others. If you will put whole paragraphs in your presentations, so it will make your presentation cheap, dull, and unattractive in front of the audience. Which automatically makes them uninterested in your presentation and will create a boring environment. But don’t forget to inject the main idea or purpose, in the presentation.be attentive and focus on your work, it will also help the audience to be active. Show passion and determination in your presentation.


Template and animation:

Choose a decent, simple, and soft color Template for the presentation, never choose a bright or vibrate color for a presentation it will make your presentation cheap. Another most important thing is that, put some sort of pictures or animation on your presentation it will help you to grab the audience’s attention. It can be any cartoon character, any mascot, even some GIF, or anything else. As people tend to enjoy these kinds of things, and it will make them more curious about the next slide. Don’t use bold text font, it will make your presentation cheap. Use soft, versatile, and stylish writing font with specific font size. Usually, people prefer Times New Roman with twelve font sizes.


Limited slides and no special effects:

Including an introduction and conclusion slides, there should be ten slides maximum. If your presentation has a large number of slides, it will make your presentation tedious which will automatically make your audiences unexcited. So use a fewer number of slides to engage your audiences. If you want to make a decent presentation, then use a special effect but not too much otherwise it will make your presentation cheap, annoying, and irritating for the audience. 


Don’t read and ask pick questions:

Reading your slides while looking at them, will make a very bad reputation of ours in front of others .audiences highly appreciate people who just look at the bullet points and narrate it or explain it in your words. Especially with giving some real-life example, so according to research people remember information who contain some real life example. While you are giving a presentation ask some random questions from the random person present in the audience. Or you can do any kind of activity, by asking questions in the form of rapid-fire.it will also leave a good impression on others from your side. Apart from it, you can also ask for examples from others.it will also help you to engage the audience in a decent and fun way.


Link things in order:

Arrange your presentation in a particular order, which shows connectivity between the slides. Choose to head precisely, don’t make in blunder while putting information in slides. Start from initial information then step by step start introducing more information in it. Divide your information in a complete sequence wisely. But keep one thing in mind, don’t put too much information on it. Neither don’t overload it with information nor put any kind of extra and irrelevant information in it.





All the points, which have been mentioned above are very useful. If you will follow these points then for sure your presentation will be very successful and impressive. But you forget yourself in all these things. Our presence, body language, your accent, your way of delivering the presentation, and lastly your confidence.  Have eye contact with your audience with a pleasant smile, if there is any dress code so do follow it. Dress nicely, properly, wear ironed clothes, and put on a nice fragrance, do some make-up but not too much with some basic accessories especially watch and complete your look with beautiful pair of shoes. 

Also, enhance your body language, show some movement in your hands and most important things don’t stand in one place like a waxwork dummy, Keep changing your position. Show determination and passion in your presentation, as your attitude also keeps a vital role. If you will give a presentation with a dull voice and zero energy level, then your audiences will also get annoyed, bored, and fed up. If you want to keep yourself active and attentive then also you have to act fully charged, fresh and active.

Lastly, use good vocabulary but not too hard, that it will become for audiences to understand.